Village of Skaneateles Mayor cuts his own pay by two thirds

Marty H ubbard, Mayor of the Village of Skaneateles


Mayor of the Village of Skaneateles has voluntarily cut his own pay because he thinks the office of the Mayor is paid too much.


Hubbard is entitled to a salary of $14,500 a year, but he's only accepting $5,000 and giving back the rest. Hubbard cut his pay two years ago when he was elected to his first term and is continuing the practice in his second term. He points out that elected village trustees earn $3,000, so he thinks the Mayor's pay is out of line.


told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, it's not about the money. "I've been blessed. I love the community. I'm blessed with currently 4 grandchildren and a fifth on the way. I feel I have a real vested interest in the community. It's not about the's trying to maintain the community, keep it the beautiful place it is right now, and hopefully leave it in good condition for my grandchildren."


ubbard is cutting his pay by
$9,500 a year. Over 4 years it adds up to $38,000 in savings to the taxpayers.


ubbard owns his own construction company

and says he makes a comfortable living. He was also Mayor of Skaneateles from 1991 though 1995 when the Mayor's salary was also $5,000 per year.

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