Vincent Torres convicted a second time for forcing sex on a 76-year-old woman

Vincent Torres

A Town of Onondaga man was convicted for the second time in a 10-year-old sexual assault of an elderly Syracuse woman.

Vincent Torres was sentenced to a total of 77 years in prison on charges including burglary, sexual abuse, and two counts of sodomy. Police say Torres broke into a 76-year-old womanâ??s house in 2003 and forced her to perform sexual acts. Torresâ?? defense attorney thinks the sentence was too harsh.

"I think a sentence of 77 years should really be reserved for someone who commits an atrocity, a mass killing, a killing of someone in an especially egregious manner,â?? said attorney George Hildebrandt.

"I thought about the victim in this case. This has been 10 years for her of having to live with this of having to experience him being convicted and than released. I hope that she experiences some sense of justice from this," said prosecuting attorney Jeremy Cali.

This was Torresâ?? second trial in this case.

His 2011 conviction was thrown out because his wife was not allowed in the court during jury selection.