Violations and acceptable inspections for the week of 7/6-7/12

Here is the list of violations and acceptable inspections for Onondaga County eateries for the week of 7/6-7/12/2014.

Abbott Catering, Operating in Manlius Lions Club Chicken BBQ

-Macaroni salad noted at 54°F and coleslaw noted at 58°F, both stored in cooler without ice (corrected). Chicken in hot box noted at 124°F (corrected). Pulled beef noted at 98°F, baked beans noted at 116°F and cooked potatoes noted at 124°F, all stored in hot holding (corrected).

Burger King, 955 W. Genesee Street, Syracuse

-Evidence of bed bugs present in locker in crew room, bed bugs eggs and carcasses noted.

Checkered Flag Pizzeria & Family Restaurant, 600 South Wilber Ave, Syracuse

-Establishment noted open and operating without hot and cold running water (voluntary closure, subsequently corrected).

Deborahâ??s Sweet Treats, Operating at Empire Brewfest, State Fairgrounds

-Hand wash station not provided.

-Establishment noted operating without a valid Temporary Food Service Permit.

Ginoâ??s Original Cheese Steaks, 458 South Main Street, Clay

-Cooked chicken and cooked beef in preparation top cooler noted at 57°F (corrected). Utica greens noted at 53°F and crumbly blue cheese noted at 53°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Knife at cook line noted not clean or stored in product.

-One low cooler lacks thermometer.

-Poly cutting board noted in poor repair.

-Lower shelf below flat grill, low freezer door gaskets and plastic shelving in rear kitchen under microwave oven all not clean. Bottom of preparation top under food pans noted with accumulation of ice and food debris.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, Destiny USA, Syracuse

-Employee noted handling parsley for use on cooked French fries without wearing gloves, bare hand contact noted (voluntarily discarded).

-Container of sanitizer stored next to hamburger rolls at cook line (corrected). Spray bottle of chemical stored next to sleeve of take-out containers in kitchen (corrected).

-Raw chicken stored on counter in rear kitchen noted at 50°F (corrected).

-Chicken stock stored in double boiler at cook line noted at 130°F (corrected).

-Scoops stored in food products at cook line with handles touching products (corrected).

-Poly cutting board on reach-in cooler in rear kitchen noted heavily stained.

-Gasket on fryer cooler at cook line noted in poor repair.

-Clean sanitized pans in kitchen not properly air dried before stacking.

-Meat slicer not clean.

-Three bay sink at dish wash area and top of brown rice container not clean.

-Ceiling in walk-in cooler near condenser, floor in walk-in freezer and ceiling grates above dish wash areas all not clean.

Itâ??s All in the Wrap, Brewfest

-Tomatoes, pasta salad and macaroni salad in preparation cooler and refrigerated truck noted between 57°F - 67°F (corrected).

-Refrigeration noted inadequate at time of inspection, not operating to maintain temperatures of potentially hazardous foods at or below 45°F (corrected).

Jamaican Flavor & Market, 309 Pond Street, Syracuse

-Mold growth noted on food noted in small sauté pan (voluntarily discarded).

-Raw whole shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods (corrected).

-Some shelving lined with cardboard and trash cans covered with cardboard, not smooth and easily cleanable.

-Three bay sink not set up properly for wash, rinse and sanitize.

-Cockroaches and flies noted in establishment.

-Front door noted opened and not screened allowing for the possible entrance of insects and/or rodents.

-Some floor areas around equipment not clean.

KFC, 3406 Erie Boulevard East, DeWitt

-Hand wash sinks in kitchen and in menâ??s and ladies toilet rooms lack cold water.

-Four ceiling tiles noted missing in dining room.

Little Caesarâ??s Pizza, 4018 South Salina Street, Syracuse

-Spray bottle of chemical stored next to single service sauces on lower shelf at front counter (corrected).

-Reach-in cooler lacks accessible thermometer.

-Fan guard and shelving in walk-in cooler, some rolling racks and door gaskets on reach-in cooler not clean.

-Employee toilet room lacks soap, paper towels and covered receptacle.

-Hand wash sink lacks paper towels.

-Garbage and cardboard dumpster lids noted open.

-Floors throughout establishment and wall area behind three bay sink not clean. Some floor tiles noted cracked and in poor repair.

-Some light shields noted cracked and in poor repair.

The Locker Room, 528 Hiawatha Blvd, Syracuse

-Three bay sink not properly filled for wash, rinse and sanitize. Automatic dishwasher not properly filling with clean water.

-In use wiping cloths not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

-Chicken wing preparation containers not stored under refrigeration or properly cleaned and sanitized as required. Fryer baskets, container storing breading, tongs used for food service and fry pans at cook line not clean.

-Interior shelves and drawers of all coolers not clean.

-Interior of three bay sinks in kitchen and at bar not clean.

-Two shortening cans stored next to fryer used to hold waste grease noted with mold growth (voluntarily discarded).

-Floors and sinks in menâ??s and ladies toilet rooms not clean.

-Hand wash sinks in kitchen and at bar not clean.

-Fruit flies noted at bar, in kitchen and in bathrooms.

-Floors under shelving, under equipment, in kitchen and at bar not clean. Debris buildup noted at floor edges throughout establishment.

-Interior of ice machine not clean.

-Hoods and vents over fryers and cook line not clean. Accumulation of grease and dust noted on lights.

Sharkeyâ??s Eclectic Sports Lounge, 7240 Oswego Road, Clay

-Mold noted on block of sliced cheese in three door reach-in cooler (voluntarily discarded). Mold noted on exterior of two food containers in walk-in cooler (voluntarily discarded).

-Raw chicken stored next to ready-to-eat foods in three door reach-in cooler (corrected).

-Spray cleaner stored on shelf next to take-out containers at bar (corrected).

-Salad dressing containing eggs and milk in salad preparation top cooler noted at 65°F (voluntarily discarded). Portion cups of various dressings in refrigerator noted between 59°F - 63°F (voluntarily discarded). Creamers and half and half in refrigerator noted between 61°F â?? 66°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Cooked diced chicken and portioned pulled pork improperly cooled in three door cooler noted between 53°F - 59°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Salad preparation top cooler in kitchen and refrigerator near middle server area in kitchen not operating properly to maintain temperatures of potentially hazardous foods at or below 45°F.

-Prepped food items in various coolers noted double stacked without hard covers. Liquor bottles and beverages stored on floor in basement.

-Take-out containers not stored inverted at bar.

-Two coolers in basement storing beer lack thermometers.

-Refrigerator shelves lined with cardboard, not allowing for adequate air flow and not easily cleanable.

-Clean sanitized beer pitchers not properly air dried before stacking.

-Soda guns and boots at bar not clean.

-Interiors of all coolers, refrigerators and walk-in coolers throughout establishment and all shelving in kitchen not clean.

-Spray sink in dishwashing area and ice bins at bar noted leaking into catch containers below.

-Fruit flies noted at bar.

-Floors and walls in dish area not clean. Floors, walls and ceiling in walk-in keg cooler in basement not clean.

Steins, 5600 Newport Road, Camillus

-Liquor bottles noted adulterated with fruit flies (voluntarily discarded).

-Various potentially hazardous foods in upright reach-in cooler noted between 55°F- 62°F. Various potentially hazardous foods in preparation top reach-in cooler noted between 60°F-64°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Upright reach-in cooler and preparation top reach-in cooler not operating properly to maintain temperatures of potentially hazardous foods at or below 45°F.

-Some food products noted double stacked without hard barriers. Case of sauce stored on floor.

-Interior of ovens, equipment at cook line, all fryer baskets and interior of microwave oven all not clean.

-Exterior of grease trap and exterior of plumbing pipes in basement grease trap area not clean.

-Flies and fruit flies noted in kitchen. Fruit fly infestation noted in basement near grease trap.

-Floors under and around equipment in kitchen not clean. Sewage noted on basement floor below grease trap.

Tim Hortons, 911 Main Street, Cicero

-Precooked commercially processed sandwich eggs in hot holding unit noted between 117°F-121°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Food dippers stored in standing water noted at 72°F and knives used for sandwiches stored in unclean knife holder.

-Several coolers lack thermometers.

-Dish machine rinse gauge not operable.

-Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

-Several cooler door gaskets and donut utensil drawer not clean.

-Kitchen hand wash sink not operating.

-Hand wash sink near sandwich preparation area lacks hand wash sign (corrected).

-Floors under all racks in rear dry storage area not clean.

Tokyo Seoul, 3180 Erie Boulevard East, DeWitt

-Raw scallops, raw tuna, raw salmon and cooked shrimp in sushi cooler noted between 47°F -56°F (corrected).

-Sushi cooler not operating properly to maintain temperature of potentially hazardous foods at or below 45°F.

Vibez, 318 East Fayette Street, Syracuse

-Five gallon buckets of used cooking oil, grease and water noted behind the establishment without lids. Four containers of used cooking oil, grease and water noted with lids not secured. Two fifty five gallon drums of oil, grease and water lack covers.

-Cooking oil and debris noted on ground behind establishment. Accumulation of grease noted on top of grease receptacle.

Villa Pizza Fritte Concessions Unit #2, Jamesville Balloon Festival, DeWitt

-Chocolate soft service ice cream noted at 51°F and vanilla soft service ice cream noted at 60°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Packaged cake cones stored on floor.

-Hand washing facilities lacks paper towels.

Wiley Betts, Juneteenth, Syracuse

-Operation lacks hand wash station (corrected).

-Establishment noted operating without a valid Temporary Food Service Permit.

Here are the Onondaga County restaurants that were operating within acceptable standards.

Antonios Ice Cream 1401 Buckley Road Liverpool

Appethaizing 105 First Street Liverpool

Arad Evans Inn (The) 7206 East Genesee Street Fayetteville

Bacon Brothers 104 Fergerson Park North Syracuse

Bridgeport Rod & Gun Club PO Box 117 Bridgeport

Café 300 at the Fayetteville Free Library 300 Orchard Street Fayetteville

Camillus Volunteer Fire Department 5801 Newport Road Camillus

Chicken Bandit (The) 6070 Donnybrook Drive Cicero

City Hall Café, Inc. 217 Montgomery Street Syracuse

CNY Regional Market Authority Mobile Unit 2100 Park Street, Mail Box #3 Syracuse

Daily Dose (The) 725 Irving Avenue, Suite 205 Syracuse

Dogs on Wheels 2100 Park Street Syracuse

Dunkin Donuts 4 Chevy Drive East Syracuse

Food Consultants Inc. @ General Electric 721 Visions Drive Skaneateles

James Geddes Apartments 312 Gifford Street Syracuse

Kim's Fried Dough 2100 Park Street, CNY Regional Market Syracuse

Koinonia, Organic Juice Bar 6800 East Genesee Street Fayetteville

Lao Village Stand at Regional Market & Downtown F 2100 Park Street/Clinton Square Syracuse

Limerick Pub 134 Walton Street Syracuse

Louie's Dog House Push Cart 5070 Betsy Ross Way Liverpool

Ma & Pa's Kettle Corn Company Mobile Unit #2 6888 Peck Road Syracuse

Mitchell's Food Cart Commissary 2384 James Street Syracuse

Mr. Pudders 687 West Genesee Street Skaneateles

Murrays (The) 2722 Burnet Avenue Syracuse

NYS Amateur Trapshooting Association Corner of Bull & Eastwood Bridgeport

Original Italian Pizza 2130 Brewerton Road Mattydale

Ponchito's Taqueria Mobile Unit 230 Dale Street Syracuse

Red Lobster #6323 3938 State Route 31 Liverpool

Retreat (The) 302 Vine Street Liverpool

Romans III Pizza 2100 Park Street Syracuse

Solvay Tigers Little League Stand PO Box 402 - Woods Road Park Solvay

Spinning Wheel Restaurant, Inc. (The) 7384 Thompson Road North Syracuse

Timber Tavern 7153 State Fair Boulevard Syracuse

Today's Special 109 South Warren Street Syracuse

Twin Trees West 111 Syracuse Street Baldwinsville

Urban Sports Hall of Fame of Syracuse NY Mobile U 143 Slayton Avenue Syracuse