Volunteer Firefighters planning statewide recruiting effort

Volunteers needed, for local fire departments, and not just to fight fires. RecruitNY plans open houses and more at local departments April 26 and 27

Volunteer Firefighters in New York have a statewide recruiting effort planned for the last weekend in April.

Fire Departments are always looking for more manpower (women welcome, too!), and they are looking for more than front-line firefighters.

And, the volunteer positions may give back as much or more in benefits, according to George Davenport, with the Manlius Fire Department and the Firemen's Association of New York (FASNY) recruitment and retention chair. He points to state income tax deductions, health insurance benefits, college tuition deals, and 'pensions' based on years of service.

The FASNY website, has a county-by-county listing of which departments have open houses, as well as their specific program plans. (Some have BBQs and other public events along with their open houses). The events are planned for April 26 and 27