Volunteers cleaning up arson scene at officer's house

An estimated 60 police officers, firefighters and other volunteers from the Ithaca area gathered at the burned out home of Ithaca Police Sgt. Bryan Bangs in Dryden this morning. They were there to clean up the site and salvage whatever they could of the the possessions of Sgt. Bangs and his family. Bangs' home was gutted by an early morning fire on Saturday that investigators say was deliberately set. State Police are investigating if there is a link between the arson and Bang's fatal shooting of a drug suspect in Ithaca back in February. A grand jury investigating the shooting found no criminal wrongdoing on the part of Bang's or the other officers at the scene.

Ever since the fire, Bangs and his family have been out of state and under police guard as the investigation continues. Today, Sgt. Bang's father, Jeffrey Bangs was on hand for the clean up. He told our Brandon Roth that he was overwhelmed with the support shown to his son by his fellow first responders and the entire community. Jeffery Bangs says he is thankful that his son was not hurt in the fire

Earlier today

Firefighters, police, and others in Central New York will help out an officer whose house was destroyed by arson.

At least 50 volunteers will meet Wednesday morning at the Dryden home of Sergeant Bryan Bangs. State police say over the weekend someone intentionally lit his home on fire.

Bangs was able to escape. Nobody else was home when the incident happened.

Volunteers plan to comb through the site and try to salvage anything that's left. They will also work to remove any hazards from the home.

Bangs was involved in a shooting incident in February. He shot and killed Shawn Greenwood while police officers were trying to serve an arrest warrant. Investigators say Greenwood resisted arrest and even hit an officer with his car. A Grand Jury recently cleared Bangs of any wrongdoing in the incident.

State Police investigators say they believe Bangs was targeted. They are not officially linking the arson with the shooting incident, but they are still investigating the case.