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      Volunteers Collect Donations for Midway Drive-In

      J ust a few weeks ago , severe weather took out the movie screen and ticket counter at the Midway Drive-In in Minetto. But, it wasn't long before neighbors stepped in to show their support for their local landmark. Volunteers set up shop the past few days to sell t-shirts and bracelets in hopes to raise enough money to rebuild.

      "It has been really crazy. Yesterday when we set up, we couldn't even decorate or do anything because we had cars lining up and everything. And, it went really fast," says Shelby Wallace.

      "It feels amazing that so many people love the Midway Drive In. And, they donate money and buy t-shirts or bracelets or get food. And, it feels good," says Maddie Rhinehart.

      And, someone else that's feeling good is the owner, John Nagelschmidt. He says he is just amazed by the outpouring of support he's received.

      "Everybody wants to help. And, I've been crying a little bit," says Nagelschmidt.

      Out of all the the people that stopped by for t-shirts and bracelets, one particular little girl stuck out to the owner. While she was coming by to buy t-shirts she also handed some glue over. Because she wanted to help by gluing the screen back together.

      "It something that belongs to the community. I'm just here taking care of it. And, I don't want to let the community down. I'd like to see it come back and with their help, I think its going to," says John Nagelschmidt.

      W hile the drive in is on an intermission right now , with a strong community behind it, they're hoping they'll be able to drive it back to life.

      T he t-shirts will be sold at the drive-in tomorrow from noon to 6 p.m. and at the I Heart Oswego building on Seneca Street in Oswego from 9a.m. to 9p.m. The snack bar will also be opened and the money raised will go back into the drive in.