Volunteers help to put homes back together in Oneida after floods

Crews work to fix up a home in Oneida.

Dave Pexton has been living at his home in Oneida on Lexington Avenue for 35 years.

"Well here was my front hallway. I had a hutch here and it all got ruined," says Pexton.

The floods from this past summer made his home unlivable. Since late June, he has been living with his friends and family.

"When we did come in there was water inside on the floor, everything was lost. You just had to calculate how much your loss was right away. It was quite a shock," says Pexton.

The volunteer organization Operation Northern Comfort is now fixing up homes like Pexton's for free, putting in everything from new ceilings to updated floors.

Nathan McLean is volunteering to fix up homes. "Seeing how grateful they are for the work we're doing. It makes it more, it just makes it better. I get more out of it that way," says McLean.

The only expense Pexton needs to pay for is the materials that volunteers use.

"It restores the idea that God's out there somewhere, because you just suddenly get help and that's the way these people are helping, it's a beautiful feeling to be restored," says Pexton.

Jim Haugli is with the organization Operation Comfort. "It's just fantastic, you go in and you look at the home before, and then you come in afterwards and it's just so beautiful to go inside," says Haugli.

These volunteers will be working on this home for about two more weeks, at that point Dave Pexton will be able to move back into his home for the very first time in eight months.

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