Volunteers help two year-old cancer patient run a lemonade stand at Oswego County Balloonfest

The first annual Oswego County Balloonfest had plenty of food and drink choices but one lemonade stand and the two year old superhero behind it was a standout.

In just the past week, Paul Morley has been through a round of chemotherapy and a spinal tap. His leukemia is aggressive and resistant to treatment so his parents developed a bucket list of experiences they want him to have. Jim and Jeanne Guyer saw a lemonade stand on the "Paulie's Bucket List" Facebook page and knew they could help out.

"When we told him we were building it for him, he said - it will be just for me? I said - yes, just for you," said Jim Guyer.

Turkey Hill provided forty gallons of lemonade, Paulie's favorite superhero was added to the stand's design and a team of volunteers were busy all day long

"The people just came together and did everything, we didn't ask, they just offered. It has been great," said Jeanne Guyer.

Paul has had to spend much of his time in the hospital since he was diagnosed in October and for some of the thousands of people following his story on Facebook, tonight was a chance to show their support.

"A lot of people haven't met him yet. They just know him from Facebook so this was a chance where they could actually come out and meet him," said his mother, Angela Schuyler.

High winds kept the balloons grounded so Paul got to feed animals, try out a bounce house and ride a horse but none of those could compare to his true passion. When Paul saw a display of new tractor models, he ran over to climb on the latest models.

"He did the horseback riding, he really liked that but the tractors top it off," said Angela Schuyler.

The proceeds from the lemonade stand and raffles for gift baskets will go towards the costs of Paul's treatment.

Paul's parents hope a change in medication will put his cancer back in remission and for now they are taking things one day at a time.