Volunteers helping with bucket list for two year old Oswego County boy with cancer

Two year-old Paul Morley keeps it simple. The Oswego County boy was diagnosed with acute T-Cell Leukemia last fall and Paul recently relapsed while in treatment.His parents came up with a list of experiences they hoped he could have - ride a horse, go to school for a day, play the drums - and the response has been overwhelming.

"We had a woman whose husband offered to build his lemonade stand and we were like, wow, I don't know how we could have found time to do that but it's amazing they would do that for us," said Paul's mother, Angela Schuyler.

Every day the family mailbox is full of cards for Paul and plans are being made for almost every experience on the "Paulie's Bucket List" Facebook page. Paul's odds for survival are not good but his parents hope his cancer will go into remission and he can have a bone marrow transplant this summer.

For Paul, living in the moment is easy and his carefree approach as helped his his parents learn to live each day on its own. Everyone who knows Paul also knows that a day is not complete without a ride on the family tractor.

"It's a great father son moment. Even though it's just a little tractor, it's something he loves," said his father, Nick Morley.

There is one item on Paulie's bucket list his parents have not set up - to give the gift of love to another child. Unsure of how to accomplish it, they are realizing that Paul has tackled this one on his own by bringing love and inspiration to everyone he meets.

"I think I've cried more out of happiness than out of sadness over the past week because of the support," said Angela Schuyler. "He's touching people's lives and he can make a difference somewhere."

Paulie's friends and family will get to see him accomplish some of the adventures on his bucket list. He will have a lemonade stand at the Oswego County Balloonfest on June 7th and will be in a race car at the Oswego County Speedway later in the month.

You can follow Paulie's treatments at the Paulie's Fight Facebook page. There will also be a benefit on June 22nd at JP's bar and Grill in Hastings. Proceeds will help pay for the costs of Paul's treatment and travel.