Volunteers shovel much-needed paths in Syracuse neighborhood

Volunteers clear a path in front of businesses on South Avenue in Syracuse.

In the Elmwood neighborhood of Syracuse, sidewalks and a busy intersection at Valley Drive, Glenwood Avenue and South Avenue were impassable because of snow.

On Monday evening, Syracuse Common Councilor Bob Dougherty organized volunteers to shovel sidewalks in the neighborhood.

Dougherty had proposed implementing a $100 fine against residents who do not clear snow from their sidewalks. The proposal was voted down, but Dougherty is now helping to clear the sidewalks himself.

"We've got two schools, Corcoran and Roberts, right up the street," said Dougherty. "You know, there's a lot of school kids, and we thought this would be a good place to try to make it safer, is what it comes down to."

Neighbors say the area is difficult to walk through in the winter.

"I actually see the kids, that's who goes to school up there at Corcoran," said Willie Mitchell, who lives on Glenwood Avenue. I see them in the streets. "So, for them, it's a major problem. For me, it's probably not as much; only when I have to walk my granddaughter down to the store."

Volunteer Albert Sales said he came out to shovel because he's upset to see such conditions in the area. "There have been kids waiting for the school bus in the road," said Sales. "And that - I don't want to see in my neighborhood."