Vote for new OCM BOCES facilities easily passes

A referendum for new OCM BOCES facilities passed marginally, with 93 percent approval in Thursday's vote. The district says 1401 votes were cast, 1293 in favor of the plan, which will not increase costs for any of its 23 local component school districts.

"The purchase of the former Nationwide building will allow some of our programs to be moved from leased facilities into the new building, resulting in improved facilities and adequate instructional space for our students," said OCM BOCES District Superintendent Jody Manning. "Additionally, and very importantly, this purchase will result in long-term savings for our 23 component districts."

OCM BOCES currently owns two facilities and leases eight additional to accommodate students and support its 23 component districts. Part of OCM BOCES' current rental budget will be reallocated allowing those funds to be used to purchase the new building.