Voters in Jordan-Elbridge reject proposed budget, approve reducing Board of Education

The Jordan-Elbridge school district's proposed budget was overwhelmingly defeated by voters on Tuesday night. The $27,596,582 proposed budget was defeated 1,282 to 323. Propositions to buy new transportation vehicles and support libraries in Jordan and Elbridge also failed. A proposal to reduce the Board of Education from 9 to 7 was approved.

A steady crowd of voters waited in line at the Jordan-Elbridge High School to vote on the proposed school budget. The school district has been the talk of the town - but that is not always a good thing.

"Most of the people don't even want to admit they're from here," said Paul Fried after he voted. "It's getting to be a saga that is never ending. The board has let us down and it needs to stop."

The Jordan-Elbridge school budget was defeated just 24 hours after the district's interim superintendent and director of operations were fired amid allegations of improper contact.The past year has seen a string of controversies and legal challenges for the school board. Many voters said said they thought the budget would be voted down purely out of frustration with the past year.

"I just think they're taking everything seriously, especially with everything that's going on, since there is something new around every corner," said Nena Zieschang.

Other voters said the seemingly endless controversies have shaken their faith in the board's work.

"There is no credibility at all. Even the people who were friends with the board members feel disfranchised by what's going on," said Fried.

Mixed in with all the frustration there were glimmers of hope that the district may have turned a corner.

"Change is coming. I think we're getting into it good and there's more to come," said Zieschang.

Many voters said they were looking forward to a time when Jordan-Elbridge is better known for quality education instead of controversy.