Voters say no to new fire station in Cicero

Cicero residents voted no on Tuesday night to a $5.6 million project to tear down the existing fire station and build a new one.

The Cicero Volunteer Fire Department says the existing Fire Station 1 on Brewerton Road is in need of repairs and renovations, some of which are causing safety concerns. It also says the station is currently located too close to the road.

The vote was 184 "no" votes to 80 "yes" votes.

Voters opposed to the idea of a new station said it came down to who would have to pay for it.

"We don't think it's fair that just a few people are going to have to pay for it when there's a whole area that uses the fire department," said Ruth Vandusen, who voted "no." "Everybody should pay."

"I voted 'no' because I felt that why should I be paying for taxes while everyone else is reaping the benefits?" said Richard Geremski.

Those who have to pay would see their taxes go up an extra $75 on a $100,000 home.

Cicero is broken down into two fire districts, with people living within the Cicero Fire District paying taxes directly to the department. People living within the outlying fire protection district pay for that service through a contract between the town and the department.

The people closest to the fire hall are the ones who would see their taxes go up if a new fire station was built. These were also the only people allowed to vote on the new station.

The district bought four and a half acres of land for the new building, but has not said what they will do with the land now that the referendum failed to pass.