Wanderer's Rest in Canastota needs your help caring for big influx of cats

Cat waiting for adoption at Wanderer's Rest in Canastota.

The Wandererâ??s Rest in Canastota, Madison County, has no shortage of cats, but a recent influx in rescues has put them over the top.

15 cats were pulled from a home in Smithfield by animal control officers. The officers reported that the felines were covered in urine and feces. Last year, 20 cats were taken from the same home. Wandererâ??s Rest spokesperson says that there are still six cats in the home, and worries that they are not fixed, so there could be a kitten problem in the future.

A separate incident Friday saw 12 cats make the Wandererâ??s Rest their home. The cats were brought in by a neighbor, who says they were put in a garbage bag and thrown out of a car in Oneida. Two of the cats have since died, five are still in the shelter and the other five were adopted.

Last week, a neighbor in Brookfield says they found a cage in the bushes near their home. The cage contained 12 cats. The cats were all in critical condition when they were found. Some are up for adoption, while others are still receiving treatment.

Wandererâ??s Rest tells us that there is a huge need for foster care and financial help so they can care for these animals.

For more information on how you can help, contact the Wandererâ??s Rest Humane Association through their Facebook page by clicking here. You can also call them at 315-697-2796.