Want to date Salina's Town Supervisor? Now is your chance

Mark Nicotra

Have you ever wanted to date Salina's Town Supervisor? Now is your chance.

Mark Nicotra is plunging into the dating world, going on dates with five different women, five nights in a row leading up to Valentine's Day as part of a new contest on radio station 93Q.

Nicotra was born and raised in Salina. He is a former photojournalist for NBC3 and has served as Supervisor for the Town of Salina since 2008. Now, he has agreed to take on the role of eligible bachelor for Ted and Amy's Annual Five Dates in Five Days. He will be introduced on the air during their 93Q morning show Friday at 7:35 a.m.

Female listeners will be asked to submit a quick bio and picture of themselves. Nicotra will then narrow down the list to five, and then the fun begins.

Each night from February 4 through February 9, except for Super Bowl Sunday, he will entertain a lovely bachelorette at Nestico's Restaurant in North Syracuse. The next morning, both he and his date will discuss how it went on the air.

After all five dates, those who log onto 93Q's website will be able to hear the on air interviews and vote for Mark's most compatible date. Whoever has the most votes as of by Friday, February 17 at 7 a.m. will win a room for four women to the sold out Amy's Slumber Party.

Want to learn more about Mark? Click here to watch a YouTube video he put together. Follow his dating journey on Facebook and Twitter too.