Warm temperatures and rain impact local business

Four Seasons is closed through Monday.


he Clinton Square Ice Rink is back open for skaters to enjoy.

Jason Boucher was one of the dozens who were skating Sunday. "It's a different experience you know you feel something different you feel a little free, you're just gliding around," says Boucher.

After warm temperatures and rain settled in around Syracuse this weekend, this ice rink had to shut down on Saturday.

Melissa Petti was out with on the ice as well. "W

e've been planning to come here for a couple days now and my mom told me that it was shut down and when she told me I was pretty upset because of the warm weather

," says Petti.

The ice rink was not the only place affected by the warmer temperatures.

As the owner of Four Seasons Ski Center, John Goodfellow has seen the impact of the rain. "We've seen it many times, even last year we didn't have snow at this time last year. We were making snow going into Christmas Eve last year and opened up the day after Christmas last year. It's almost a repeat of last year, in this particular time frame," says Goodfellow.

Four Seasons is shutting down its ski center though Monday until they can replenish the snow they have lost.


e're trying to save what we have. The forecast today was rain all day


it's not raining at the moment which is great and the temperature hasn't risen yet so we're not losing a lot of snow

," says Goodfellow.

Four seasons says its ski and tubing slopes have enough snow to remain open, but have decided to shut down for a few days so they can ensure they give customers the best experience possible.

"We'd have very little business first of all so having a full workforce here, it's an economic situation partially. It's again saving what we have letting it firm back up freeze up and then pound some new snow on top of it to give us a better service, a better product to our customers," says Goodfellow.

The ski center says it will begin churning out artificial snow Monday, hoping to kick the ski season into high gear.

Click here for information on their hours and when they will be reopening.