Warmer weather brings pothole problem to the surface

With the weather warming up, potholes are popping up.

Tom Simone, deputy commissioner of the Syracuse Department of Public Works, says when the weather breaks up, roads start to break down.

"Once we salt the roads, the salt turns the snow into water and the water finds the lowest point from there and freezes again," he says.

The DPW has three crews working full time filling in potholes. Simone says he would like to have at least double that number of crews working on the problem, but with the winter far from over he says his crews are stretched pretty thin.

"We're doing snow removal, and we are also going through the city picking up Christmas trees as well," he says.

The DPW says potholes won't be permanently filled in until spring.

Residents who would like to report a pothole problem can do so by calling 448-CITY (2489). You can also leave a comment below telling us where you've seen a pothole, and we will pass the information along to the city.