Warning for Erie Canal joggers after harassment arrest

A female jogger grabbed by the arm while running along the Erie Canal walking trail in the Town of Lenox is prompting Madison County Sheriff's deputies to warn others who use the recreational trails.

The incident happened earlier this month. Sheriff's deputies say the woman was running when a man approached her in a threatening manner and grabbed her by the arm. The man was later arrested and charged with harassment.

In light of the situation, Madison County's Sheriff and Oneida' Police Chief recommend people who use the trail use the following precautions?

â?¢ Try to utilize the recreation trails during daylight hours if possible

â?¢ Always try to go in pairs, not alone

â?¢ Vary the times of use to avoid developing a pattern

â?¢ Carry a cell phone

â?¢ Wear reflective outer clothing

â?¢ Be familiar with the trails and avoid areas you don't know

â?¢ If you enjoy listening to music while walking or jogging, make sure you leave one ear open so you can hear noises or sounds in your vicinity; be cognizant of wildlife along the trails

â?¢ Tell someone your route before you leave and when you will be returning

â?¢ If you see something or someone acting suspicious, contact law enforcement immediatelyby dialing 911