Was ACC announcer right? "Syracuse is not a destination spot"

One of the announcers calling the Syracuse - Wake Forest game on Wednesday evening ruffled the feathers of people who love Syracuse and touched off a debate over the city's image.

"Let's face it - Syracuse is not a destination spot," Cory Alexander told viewers. He went on to say, "But it's cold up there, so you have to give Jim Boeheim a tremendous amount of credit for building what is a national program. It's not just a regional or a good ACC program or national program, kids line up to want to go there and live in that frozen tundra just to be able to play for Jim Boeheim and you have to give him a lot of credit for creating that environment."

The comment came as Alexander was talking to play-by-play announcer Tom Werme with less than two minutes to play before Syracuse won the game.Alexander's description went too far for many Central New Yorkers.

"They've probably never been here. They probably saw pictures of our blizzards, got really scared and didn't know what else to say," said Syracuse native Brennan Schwab.

"That is definitely a cheap shot - the Syracuse area is beautiful in the summer," said Ann Sherwood as she walked though Syracuse's Armory Square.

Many people pointed to the Finger Lakes region, the Adirondacks or the New York State Fair as some of the best known destinations around Syracuse. Central New York is known as a summer and fall vacation spot and SU grad student Emily Slinghuff says there is plenty to do for locals too.

"In the summertime you can come down here to Armory Square, it's beautiful out and there are restaurants. I do have to say, Syracuse has great restaurants," said Slinghuff

The Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau says five million people decided Syracuse was a destination over the past year and came to the area for Destiny USA, Dinosaur BBQ, Syracuse Athletics or countless other attractions.

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim has always been an advocate for Central New York. In the past he has said "We have the best weather in the country for eight months and the other four we are playing basketball."

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