Washouts, road closures and flowing water story of the day in Sherburne

Much like the rest of Central New York, the Village of Sherburne struggled with rising waters on Friday, as overnight rains impacted the Mad Brook, Hanson Brook and the Chenango River, causing floods to homes and business in the area.

Bill Acee, Mayor of Sherburne, surveyed the damage with CNY Central on Friday, saying he's never seen a flood like this.

"I would rate this as one of the worst, and it was different, we saw a lot of stream flooding because the rain came so fast, it was fast waters, which created a dangerous situation," Acee says.

North Main Street was closed due to water that was feet deep at times, and some homes on the south side of Sherburne were evacuated early this morning, with one rescue made for a home surrounded by water. Acee says they made calls Thursday night to let people know there were voluntary evacuations.

Those people have since been allowed back in their homes. Several residents said this is the third time in the last 10 years they have had a flood like this, and hoped they would not have to deal with the waters this weekend.