Watch the tornado-warned storm as it sweeps through Syracuse-Metro area, captured by Stanley Law Skycam

This is video of the tornado-warned storm as it swept through the Syracuse-Metro area just before 6 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Captured on our Stanley Law SkyWatch, watch the buildings that make up the Syracuse skyline to see just how quickly the rain and wind moved in and raced from the southwest to the northeast.

At first, you can clearly make out the outline of the buildings. Seconds later, they start to disappear.

By the time the raindrops and winds reach the lens of the camera, all you can see is a gray background.

Though Chief Meteorologist Wayne Mahar and Meteorologist Mike Brookins say the heart of the storm passed just to the south of downtown Syracuse, you can tell the storm is rotating by watching the way the rain is whipping and wrapping around.

There's no word yet whether an actual funnel touched the ground.