Watertown man accused of killing half brother

The house at 663 LeRay Street

Update II:

Michael Booker was arraigned on the charge of second degree murder Friday afternoon, but did not enter a plea. According to police, the suspect admitted to killing his half-brother when he called the Jefferson County 911 Center.

An autopsy will be performed Friday afternoon, and results are expected to be released on Monday.

Police are not releasing how Nathaniel Railing was killed, or a motive for the killing.

Neighbors say four people were staying at the apartment where the murder was allegedly committed.


A Watertown man is accused of killing his half brother.

Watertown police say Michael Booker, 20, killed his half brother Tuesday, then tried to hide the body.

Police responded to a home at 662 LeRay Street in Watertown just after 10:00 pm Thursday and found the body of 18-year-old Nathaniel Railing. His body had been covered with brush and debris.

Booker is facing charges of second degree murder. He's being held at the Public Safety Building.

The investigation continues.

Police in Watertown are investigating the death of a teenager whose body was found partially buried behind a home on the city's north side.

Our colleagues at CBS station WWNY in Watertown say police also have a "person of interest" in custody in connection with the death.

The body was discovered behind a home at 662 LeRay Street around 10:00 last night.

A missing persons report had been filed about the victim earlier in the day.

Police have not released the identities of the victim or the man they are questioning. The Watertown Daily Times reports that an upset man had called 911 and said his brother was dead and "he had hurt him".

We'll update this story when more information becomes available.