Watertown proposes law banning dogs from public events. Does it go too far?

photo of 2-year-old Indigo Mullin after receiving treatment for dog attack in August


n response to a terrifying attack on a two-year-old boy, the Watertown City Council has proposed a law to ban dogs from public events on city owned property. The law would prohibit dogs from coming within 20 feet of municipal property during special events.

The law was proposed by City Council members following the August 31st attack on two-year-old Indigo Mullin. The child was mauled by a dog while he and his mother were attending a farmers market in Watertown. The child's face was so badly injured it required 105 stitches and Mullin continues to receive medical treatment for his injuries.

During the discussion about the proposed law Tuesday night Councilwoman Teresa Macaluso called the attack an accident waiting to happen.

"I'm not interested in dogs rights, I'm interested in people's rights," Macaluso said.

The parents of the child have not been reached for comment.

What do you think of the law? Should pets be banned during special events? Does the law go too far? We want to hear from you, leave your thoughts below.