Watertown ready to roust roosting crows

Thousands of crows now roosting in a city in northern New York will get a loud awakening next week.

Officials in the city of Watertown plan to start a crow dispersal or hazing program Monday night.

An estimated 12-thousand crows are currently roosting in the city 65 miles north of Syracuse.

Watertown officials say a team of wildlife experts will use pyrotechnics, lasers and crow distress calls to disrupt the birds from roosting.

City officials consider the matter a quality of life issue. They say noise from the crows keeps residents awake and crow droppings damage painted surfaces.

Other upstate cities have had problems with large flocks of crows, including Auburn and Troy, which launched its own crow dispersal program this week.

(Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO Radio, Oswego)

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