Watertown teen arrested after assaulting two women in Lewis County

A Watertown teen is arrested after assaulting two women in Lewis County.

According to the Lewis County Sheriffâ??s Department, Joshua Beaumont, 17, of Watertown, was involved in an argument with a female on State Route 12 in the Village of Copenhagen Thursday.

Deputies say Beaumont started hitting the woman in the face, body and head. The woman was able to call a friend for help, but when the friend arrived, she was also hit by Beaumont.

Beaumont then grabbed a baseball bat and tried to hit the friend with it, but was unsuccessful. Deputies say he then walked to the driveway and started hitting the womanâ??s car, causing significant damage.

Beaumont was charged with felony menacing and multiple misdemeanors.

Beaumont was taken to Lewis County Jail on $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond.