Website lists Syracuse's Franklin Square as national 'hip hangout' ranked Franklin Square one of its Top 10 Choice Neighborhoods in the U.S.

A section of Syracuse which was once the home of abandoned factories and warehouses is now considered one of the hippest neighborhoods in the country.

In an article posted on's real estate page, Syracuse's Franklin Square was named one of the "10 choice neighborhoods" in the United States. The article says "Industrial neighborhoods can undergo dramatic transformations. At one time, they may be home to thriving shipping businesses, breweries or window manufacturers. Larger economic forces eventually swoop in - cheaper overseas competition, perhaps, or the rise of a new business, such as container shipping." This describes Franklin Square perfectly.

"Developers turned empty plants into apartments, offices and shops" the article continues. "Today, Franklin Square boasts restored buildings and tree-lined streets," and renovated apartments and lofts are selling at an average list price of $95,987.

Those who live in Franklin Square seem to be happy with the neighborhood. "It's very safe to live here," said Stephen Cannon, who lives in Franklin Square and works at Freedom of Espresso. "My fiancee and I moved here four months ago. There's all sorts of weddings that go on here and we love it. But yeah, it's hip to me. I guess being safe is hip these days."

For others who don't live in Franklin Square but spend time in the neighborhood, the atmosphere is what's attractive. "I'm originally from Florida, so it's kind of nice to come to Syracuse and create my own life," said Emily Lawson, a barista at Freedom of Espresso. "And it's definitely a hip city, great people, good vibe, especially Franklin Square."

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