Weedsport man arrested after scamming 90-year-old out of over $15k

Daniel Humberstone

Cayuga County Sheriffâ??s Deputies have arrested a Weedsport man stealing over $15,000 from a 90-year-old Cato man in a long-running scam.

Deputies say 40-year-old Daniel B. Humberstone, or Earl Street in Weedsport, and an â??associateâ?? told the elderly man that Humberstone was in line to receive a million dollars from the state, but needed money to pay fees in order to get it.

Deputies say the pair took checks from the man and even drove him to the ATM several times; taking cash from him in exchange for a â??bonusâ?? once the settlement went through.

Investigators found no evidence of a â??settlementâ??, and say Humberstone acted with the intent of stealing the manâ??s money. Deputies are still investigating Humberstoneâ??s â??associateâ??, who they say is involved in soliciting loans from possibly as many as 40 other residents in Northern Cayuga County.

Detectives are trying to find out if this person was part of the scam, or was a victim of Humberstoneâ??s scam.

Humberstone was arrested and charged with grand larceny and is being held in the Cayuga County Jail without bail.

Anyone who thinks they may have been scammed in this way is asked to call Lieutenant Joseph Weeks at (315) 253-3902.