Week two: Follow Darryl's weight loss journey

Barb St. Pierre, Darryl's Trillium Fitness trainer

Our Biggest Loser series continues today with Darryl Sanford's journey to a healthier life. Last week, the Syracuse father started his first steps towards losing weight, eating healthier and improving his life.

Darryl realizing eating healthy is a way of life and he is willing to make the commitment. Picking the right foods is an important first step, but portion control is a major factor in losing weight. Darryl admits controlling the amount of food he puts on his plate is a challenge. His trainer, Barbara St. Pierre from Trillium Fitness, has told him about the importance of portion control, and how this is key when trying to manage or lose weight. This will be one challenge that will really put Darryl to the test.

Over the next 12 weeks, Darryl will do all he can to lose weight and create a healthier life for himself. You can witness Darryl's road to transformation weekdays from 5 to 7 a.m. on NBC 3, and follow him on our website. You can make a change in your life too, with weekly workout and eating tips from Darryl's trainer, Barb.

Today's tip: Portion control

Click here for tips on how to keep your portions in check and to read more about how to control your portions while eating in front of the TV and when consuming fast food.

What exactly is a serving size of food? You may be surprised to find out. Click here to read more.

Did you know that half a cup of cooked carrots is about the same as half a baseball and equals one vegetable serving, or about 25 calories? Click here for other great visuals to keep your portions under control.

If you still aren't sure how much is too much, check out this chart to get a better understanding of correct portion sizes.

Think you're an expert? Test your skills at estimating serving sizes.

You can follow Darryl's progress on his Facebook page by clicking here.

We are already getting inundated with words of support for Darryl. One reader writes, "Go Darryl. Are you working with a great trainer - she will keep you focused on your goals. Looking forward to seeing your progress." Another person says, " Darryl, good luck on your journey to a healthier life.! Looking forward to watching your progress on TV as well as in person at Trillium."

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