Wegmans ends seasonal price freeze on food items

Wegmans has discontinued its seasonal price freeze on food items, the company announced in a post on its website Monday.

The seasonal price freeze was first introduced in 2011, when the economy was struggling to recover. Now that the economy has begun to improve, Wegmans is discontinuing the prize freezes.

â??Now there is some improvement in the economy, although not to the degree weâ??d all like,â?? wrote Senior Vice President, Consumer Affairs Mary Ellen Burris. â??Weâ??ve decided to eliminate the seasonal list with an end date, and focus on our basic philosophy of consistent prices all the time on items families use most in our new â??Seasonal Family Favoritesâ?? list.â??

This past season's price freeze began in April and ended on August 24. It included more than 65 products.

The company says it plans to continue its commitment to low price, emphasizing its Club Packs, which are larger quantities of items.