Wegmans freezing prices on more than 65 products

Wegmans will freeze prices on more than 65 products throughout the summer.

Even if the cots go up for the products, the grocer will not increase the retail price through August 24. "Based on every measure we have considered, it is clear that the simplicity and relevance of a seasonal list where prices are locked in for several months works for our customers," says President Colleen Wegman. "And, it is not just a way to budget and save money; it's also a tool for planning a healthy meal."

The list includes meat, seafood, produce, dairy, bakery, frozen foods and deli items. Organic products are also included on the list. There are 14 different produce items including grape tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lemons, limes and organic salad greens.

Other items on the list include:

80% Lean Ground Beef, Club Pack $2.19

Boneless Chicken Breast, Club Pack $1.99/lb.

Italian Sausage, Club Pack $2.99/lb.

Littleneck Clams, 50-count $14.49

Avocadoes, Club Pack, Club Pack, 4-count $3.99

Wegmans Chopped Salad Blends $2.99

Wegmans Organic Baby Spinach, Club Pack, 11 oz. $3.99

Wegmans hots/hamburger rolls, Club Pack, 16-count $1.99

Find the complete list of products by clicking here.

The list is made up almost exclusively of Wegmans brand products, because the company can be more aggressive with pricing its own brand.

The company will
also continue to offer free prescriptions (up to a 90-day supply) for Atorvastatin through the end of this year.

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