Wegmans shutting down Pond Street store in Syracuse

Wegmans on Pond Street

CNY Central has confirmed that Wegmans is closing its Pond Street store at 700 1st North Street in Syracuse.

Wegmans spokesperson Evelyn Carter says the company has "seen a shift in business" at the Pond Street location. Carter says there's been a decline in the number of shoppers and an increase in operating costs.

Carter says employees were informed of the closing this morning.

When reached for a comment, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner said, â??I am disappointed Pond Street will be losing Wegmans as a neighborhood anchor; however, I am pleased the current employees are being offered the opportunity to transfer to jobs at other Wegmans stores."

â??My administration has made neighborhood access to fresh and affordable food a key priority. I will be working with our department of neighborhood and business development to try to provide an alternative to North Side residents when Wegmans closes,â?? said Mayor Miner.

The Pond Street store is the 2nd oldest and the smallest in the Wegmans chain. It opened in 1970. It employs 140 people; 17 full-time and 123 part-time. Carter says the workers will be offered positions at its other stores.

â??In order to protect jobs, we have to be smart about our business, especially in places where there is modest or no population growth,â?? said Wegmans President Colleen Wegman in a media release.

â??Our customers clearly prefer to shop in our larger stores where we are able to offer more products and services," said Shari Constantine, Sr. Vice President of Operations for the Syracuse Division.

Many customers are angry and shocked over the closing. "I can't believe Danny Wegman would close this store." said Dr. John Blasi. "I don't understand why he doesn't have respect for the poor people that come here."

Bill Kline asked, "Where are people going to go? There are no other stores."

Jenny Petrella says many elderly neighbors depend on the store. "I am disabled and I get my scripts here. I don't have a car."

Wegmans has 10 stores in the Syracuse area and 80 stores nationwide. Wegmans says there are no plans to close any other stores in the Syracuse Division.

The Pond Street store will close its doors on June 30th.