We're in this Together - CNYCentral's Megan Coleman launches monthly parenting column

As the old adage says, "It Takes a Village" to raise children. Parents across Central New York are all to familiar with the joy that comes from having kids and the responsibilities they face while trying to raise productive members of society.

CNYCentral Anchor Megan Coleman will open the channels for discussion on everything related to family and children in a new column in Syracuse Parent Magazine.

The March edition, which is on newsstands now, is a redesign of the nearly 30-year-old publication. It is a unique resource guide for families packed with local stories and the latest tips and trends in parenting.

Megan's column, "We're in this Together," will appear monthly in the magazine. The first column is an introduction and also welcomes readers to discuss topics near to their hearts, opening the lines of communication about everything related to raising children.

Syracuse Parent features a "Meals in Minutes" section, the latest on trending toys, health tips for your kids, social media for kids and a Child Care Guide. The magazine is distributed throughout Onondaga County at schools, day cares, libraries, hospitals, doctors' offices and post offices.

Read the full text of this month's column below.

I was flattered to be asked to write a monthly column for the new Syracuse Parent Magazine. Having been raised in the Midwest, I hope to address the ever growing, thriving community that we all call home. As women, our responsibilities are crucial and extraordinarily diverse, as many of us not only play a vital role in the work place, but also, our children depend us to be nurturing and loving parents, our spouses or significant others need us to be caring and affectionate companions, and others depend on us to be supportive friends. With all that left over spare time, we also want to look good and enjoy an occasional moment pursuing a favorite hobby, a run outdoors, or just a mini-second of peace and quiet. In truth, our enthusiasm for friends, colleagues, family, and community knows no limit and should one have a friend in need or an organization or school seeking assistance, we are there! We have the heart and the fortitude to understand how crucial it is to foster a world that values safety, fair-mindedness, and culture and we are willing to dig in our heels to make it happen.

I have lived in Syracuse for more than a decade, after deciding to study journalism at Syracuse Universityâ??s S.I. Newhouse School of Communication. At that time, I never dreamt that time and circumstance would someday take me to my current position at CNYCentral, find myself married to a fabulous man from the area, and be the mother of two beautiful children. I have been blessed to find like-minded friends who kindly accepted me into their circle, despite my daily 7pm bedtime, when I previously anchored the morning news. I have been invited to sit on the board of the Museum of Science and Technology, which has provided me with the opportunity to give back to a city that has so generously embraced me, allowing me contribute in some small way to help make our city the best that it can be. Along with my current role as Evening Anchor/News Content Manager, my current title as â??mommyâ?? is my most crucial and important undertaking. Thanks mostly to a supportive and devoted husband, incredible â??in-townâ?? in-laws, and the immeasurable assistance of a woman affectionately known as, â??Daâ??, I am able to keep all the balls in the air simultaneously without having to compromise my dedication either to family or to the job that I love.

As readers of my column, I hope that you will inspire me to look within myself to better understand future concerns and issues, which I know I will ultimately face as a parent. As parents, we constantly strive to offer each other suggestions be it helping children who find themselves sitting alone in the lunch room, or those excluded from a birthday party, or not chosen to be "on the team". Whether it is the healthy meal that can be produced in less than fifteen minutes or a magical technique for teaching children to share a specific book or a movie that effectively taught them tolerance and understanding, I envision this column to be a venue to share insight, experiences, and wisdom.

As the adage was coined many years ago, â??It Takes a Villageâ?? to raise a happy, contributing member of society. As women and parents, we are truly in this togetherâ?¦