We're number 1 - in snowfall, that is

Last weekend was a big weekend in Hollywood with the Golden Globes. Around these parts, the Golden Snowball is at least as big as the Golden Globes, and maybe even bigger!

In case you are unfamiliar with what is officially named the Golden Snowball Award, it is an award (yes, a golden snowball on a pedestal) that goes to the city in New York State that records the most snow each winter.

Just so you know, Syracuse wins it a lot, but not all the time, so it TMs always somewhat interesting to monitor as we progress through the winter and see how snowfall is stacking up in each location.

Knowing that this has many on edge, I have checked the very latest total winter snowfall numbers, and so far, Syracuse is again in-the-lead.

As of January 19th, here are the totals (so far) for this winter.

Syracuse: 104.7Rochester: 67.9Buffalo: 52.2Binghamton: 47.3Albany: 34.3

In case you TMre saying to yourself Wow, Syracuse has way more snow than Buffalo. Is that unusual? Answer| No, it TMs not unusual. Buffalo can sometimes get an early start with an October or November lake effect snowstorm, like they did again a few months ago. Over the long run, most winters, Syracuse clobbers Buffalo for snowfall, and it certainly appears we TMre well on our way to another big win!