Westcott Street businesses hear an update

Westcott Street


estcott Street business owners met with Syracuse leaders at Beer Belly Deli to talk about a construction project that's been causing concern. Engineers and the city were there to answer questions from some of the frustrated businesses.

The first phase of the project, where the fences are up currently is scheduled to be completed by August 16th. A second phase which involves a dead end on Beach St. Will only take three weeks now, rather than the eight weeks it was originally slated for. The final stage, which involves the same project on the other side of the street will start in late September and go until November 29th.

Officials hope to complete it in time for the Westcott Street fair in September.

Many owners have seen a positive impact over the last few days after the city launched a social media campaign.

In order to help businesses who have seen lost revenue, city councilor Nader Maroun says he'll ask county executive Joanie Mahoney if the county can offer money to owners who can prove their business has been negatively impacted during the construction.