Westhill-Ludden track and field team cheers on spelling bee contender Alaina Kenny

Alaina Kenny

Alaina Kennyâ??s star is rising here in Syracuse thanks to her success in the National Spelling Bee.

That is especially true among her teammates.

Members of the Westhill-Ludden Track and Field team, which Alaina has been a member of for two years, cheer her on as she spells one of her words correctly during the preliminary round of the National Spelling Bee.

The Westhill-Ludden girls were recently crowned Sectional Champs. The video was shot by the coach.

Onondaga Hill Middle Schooler Alaina and Dylan O-Connor, of the Watertown area, are both representing Central and Northern New York in the semifinal round of the National Spelling Bee.

You can watch the semifinal round Thursday on ESPN 2 starting at 10 am. You can also follow the results of the National Spelling Bee here.