What are you voting for on Election Day?

It's not only important to know when Election Day is, but also what's on your ballot.

Not only will Central New Yorkers be voting on candidates in different races Tuesday, they will also vote on six different proposals. One of those proposals has to do with casinos. If voters give the ok, that would allow for up to seven Las Vegas style casinos in New York State.

Those who are for it say it will boost the economy and provide an added source of money for local governments. Those against it say it won't help the economy and could create other problems like gambling addiction.

Another proposal asks voters to increase the age that certain state judges can serve until. Right now it's 70. If voters approve it, it would go to 80 years old.

Voters can look at a sample ballot ahead of time by going to the website of their local county board of elections. This way, they can see all the candidates who are running and do research before voting.

Polls will be open on Election Day, November 5th, from 6am until 9pm. We will have results on