What can be done about the diaper dumper?

Neighbors on Tipp Hill put signs up to tell diaper dumper to stop.

After airing out this messy situation yesterday, it seems like more neighbors are reacting through social media. We've been informed that this issue is more widespread than initially thought.

Neighbors on Hayden Avenue and Herkimer Street say they've been dealing with this stinky mess for more than a year.

"I don't know if someone has beef with our part of town or what it is," says Mary Kay O'Brien.

"It's unfortunate that these people are doing this and its embarrassing to Tipp hill. And, its embarrassing to the city of Syracuse," says Chad Ryan, 2nd District Common councilor.

No matter if it's a personal attack or something random; neighbors want this to stop.

"I really want this to be taken care of," says O'Brien. "Because this is a public health hazard that is being done to us.

O'brien says she's been calling police, the health department, common councilors. Anyone who will listen and trying to get someone to pay attention.

Even though this isn't a serious crime, she and her neighbors just want the person caught.

"The syracuse police can't really do anything about this because they have so many other major crimes to deal with. I just wish that city hall would help us or the onondaga county health department would do something to help us with this," says O'Brien.

"But theres really no evidence of who is doing this or what's going on. So, I just think we ask everybody over there to pay a little more attention and see if we can stop this,"says Ryan.


ut, without catching the person in the act, it's hard to piece together information.


o for now, they're forced to deal with this stinky mess until they can catch the diaper dumper.

After reaching out

to syracuse police

, they say if the

is caught, they could face a littering violation and a minor fine.