What leads the news? Matt's Memo

One story after another seemed like it should lead the news as we assembled our broadcast late in the afternoon. There was the 911 recording of a young man accused of murdering his 18 year old girlfriend. Clay Whittemore told authorities his father's abuse set a horrible example for the son. There was the story of Onondaga County having four times the statewide rate for babies being born to mothers on drugs. There was Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney delivering her state of the county address.

All three were strong. On a lighter note, from the category of what are we all talking about, came a light hearted piece on the winter that would never end. We got advice from some longtime Central New Yorkers about taking a Zen approach and simply accepting the weather. Or how about convenience store clerk who was willing to walk us through the horrifying hold up she survived last night. A gunman repeatedly threatened to shoot her if she didn't open the safe for which she had no key. Most of us would still be shaking in our beds the day after a violent threat like that.

Those were the stories our news staff worked on throughout the day. By definition the news is constantly changing. Late in the afternoon the Syracuse Police told us the suspicious death case they investigated yesterday was confirmed as a homicide of a 65 year old woman on Grand Avenue. Then we learned Governor Andrew Cuomo was coming to town. He would arrive at the tail end of the County Executive's address to make a significant economic announcement.

That announcement came to late to lead the early news, but it turned into the lead of the late night newscasts. New York State will be offering millions of dollars to cultivate a nano-technology Hollywood post-production house on some newly developed property in Dewitt. An area near Collamer Road and Route 481 will be turned into something that become a calling card industry for Central New York if all goes well.

And yes one more. A federal court approved a settlement between New York State, the Oneida Nation and Madison and Oneida Counties that resolves multiple tax, land and gaming issues. That brings an end to legal battles that have gone on for decades.

So many strong stories on one day. That's a good day at work. Let's hope the news gods don't balance it all out tomorrow with a slow day where little news of interests is happening.


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