What Petco CEO says about trip to Johnson City where nearly 100 animals died

The Petco store underwater last week / file photo

The CEO of Petco is speaking out more about his two day visit to Johnson City. That's where nearly 100 animals died locked up in a flooded pet store.

Jim Myers wrote a blog about his trip describing some of the raw emotion he saw. He has faced criticism since last weeks flood.

Myers says he went to Johnson City to get a better understanding of what happened. He says he met with employees and is giving workers at the pet store full pay and benefits while the company decides on a timeline for opening the store.

"We did a lot of listening, and more than a few tears were shed," Myers said in his blog. "The team experienced a severe emotional blow, and we're providing counseling services to help them deal with the high emotions and deep remorse they feel."

Myers also talked about what he said workers did during the flooding.

"The team also shared with us some of their heroic efforts to rescue the animals once we received confirmation that electricity to the flooded store was turned off so that we could re-enter the building," Myers said. "As a result of their efforts, the great majority of animals in the store were saved. The rescued animals were examined by vets as a precautionary measure and transported to stores in the Syracuse area."

According to Myers, Petco will donate $25,000 to the Johnson City Animal Recovery Effort. More than 1,800 comments were posted on Myers last blog post, most of them critical of the company's response.