What the bystanders did after a Syracuse wallet snatching will have you cheering

Someone called 911 from the Centro Bus Hub on South Salina Street this morning about 11:00 a.m. to report a crime. When police arrived they heard from a 67-year old woman who said that she just had her wallet stolen from her purse. The purse was in her walker, and the suspect had reached into the purse and grabbed the wallet - then he took off.

Police say one bystander threw a cup of coffee on the suspect and other people who were nearby chased the suspect. The man dropped the wallet and continued running away.

Later, officers found and apprehended the suspect on the 900 block of South Clinton Street after a short foot chase and struggle.

Shaheree Rutledge
, 18, of 139 Delaware Street, Syracuse is charged with felony Grand Larceny and Resisting Arrest.

The woman involved now has her wallet back. Police are not revealing a mug shot of the suspect.