What to know about Triple-E

Last week we told you about the first human case of potentially deadly mosquito borne virus that was found in Central New York this season. The Syracuse hospital is treating someone for triple E. Since then, the patient is in stable condition.

It seems like Central New York is breeding ground for triple E. That's because the mosquitos are drawn to swampy lakes and ponds. Putting those who hang out by them at risk.

However, no matter if you visit the lake or not, the Director of Environmental Health, Kevin Zimmerman says while not every mosquito carries the infection its important to take this seriously.


hey should be concerned. Don't get me wrong. But, they also should be making sure they know what they can be doing to protect themselves. So, they can go out and enjoy the nice weather for the short months that we have it," says Zimmerman.


hile there is no cure or treatment for triple E, Z
immerman says using bug spray and wearing long sleeves and long pants when you're outside can reduce the risk.


lso, he suggests avoiding areas that collect water because that is usually where mosquitos breed.

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