What was your favorite Super Bowl ad?

As far as games go, last night's Super Bowl was a super dud. But what about the commercials?

Kevin Tripodi, Senior Director at Eric Mower and Associates, says when a 30 second spot in the Super Bowl costs $4 million, many companies aren't willing to take risks. "Usually the more people involved in a creative process the more watered down the creative product is," he said.

Tripodi says the spots that did work, like Radioshack's self deprecating flashback to the 80's and and Budweiser's heartwarming tale of puppy love, used tried and true techniques, while ads like "Go Daddy's," were just confusing. "I'm not sure everybody knows what Go Daddy does. When you put a product out there you have to be clear about what you are seeing."

Tripodi says one of this year's more effective Super Bowl ad campaigns featured a commercial that never even aired. Newcastle Brown Ale's web parody featuring actress Anna Kendrick talking about a Super Bowl commercial that was never aired has already gotten more than 3 million views on YouTube. "It was an interesting campaign and was able to get probably almost as much buzz as some of the spots that did run," Tripodi said.