Wheelchair bound 10-year-old from Rome competing in Boilermaker 15k

Jason Robinson, 10, will be the youngest participant to ever compete in Boilermaker's wheelchair division.

Jason Robinson of Rome is defying all odds. The 10-year-old plans to make history this weekend as the youngest participant to ever compete in the Boilermaker's 15-K wheelchair division.

"It's my life and I can do whatever I want, and I'm going to do the 15K," says Robinson.

Jason has been fighting an uphill battle his whole life

after being
born with a rare form of spina bifida, which is a birth defect of the spinal cord. He has very limited use of his legs, but his mother Erin Robinson says it has never got in his way.

"He's never once said poor me or why me. This is just his life and this is what you do," says Robinson.

Jason is also inspired by the support of his community after his school, Westmoreland Central School, raised money to pay for his custom-fit racing chair.

After all the help that Jason received, the Robinson family is paying it forward. In June, they started the JROB Foundation which raises money to pay for adaptive sports equipment for other physically challenged children.

Jason plans on crossing many more finish lines.

"I want to be a para-olympic when I grow up for this. That's what my dream is so I'm going to push it to the limits," says Robinson.

Because for Jason, the Boilermaker is just the first mile of a life-long race.