When Georgetown plays Syracuse, students camp out at â??Boeheimburgâ??

Students camp out at "Boeheimberg"

Syracuse vs. Georgetown is one of the greatest rivalries in college sports, but if you really want a good ticket to see the game, you have to be willing to pay the price. For Syracuse University students looking for first come first served seats, paying the price means camping outside the Carrier Dome.

SU student Mike Velasco started camping out at end of last week. "This is arguably one of the best college rivalries in college basketball. To have front row seats for one of the biggest games of the year, there is nothing like it. That's why we do it," he says.

Dozens of students have set up tents outside Gate E in a makeshift tent city that has come to be known as "Boeheimburg."

Mike Held says it got so cold last night his Tempurpedic pillow froze. "I went to go to bed last night and my pillow was just as hard as the ground everyone was sleeping on," he says.

Nick Ferreiro and several of his friends have spent the last couple of nights bundled up in a large tent. He says the game will definitely be worth the wait. "I can't imagine the coverage we are going to get tonight when it is the number two team in the country playing number eleven."

Justin Tompkins agrees and says the past couple of days have been an adventure. "The key is staying warm and keeping busy. I've actually been doing a lot of homework," he says.

Syracuse hopes to have more than 25,000 fans at the game. If they break 30,000 fans it will be the first time that has happened for a weekday basketball game at the dome in 22 years.

If you don't have tickets, you can watch the game on ESPN. Tip-off is set for 7 pm.

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