When will it feel like Spring?

Obviously, we TMre still into a tough weather pattern, tough meaning tough to see any big amounts of sunshine, any big amounts of dry weather or any big amounts of warmth. Oh, we TMve had a slight taste of Spring weather a couple of times over the past few weeks, like a week or two ago when we soared into the 80s, but other than that one day, it TMs been pretty cool.

As more and more folks get tired of this pattern, we get asked more and more Is there any sign of this pattern breaking?. Let me answer this by stating that, as of this writing, I see no long term, dramatic pattern change BUT, I am seeing what seems to be an easing of this unsettled and cool pattern.

Unless something goes way wrong, we should end up with two days this week with the high temperature above 60 degrees, albeit briefly. Looking at the medium range computer patterns and models for next week, there are some decent indications of a rather mild start to next week with the trend warmer than normal by some 10 or more degrees.

Check this link from the National Weather Service. It is their latest national 6-10 day outlook which seems to go along with what I am seeing.

I wouldn TMt be surprised to see another almost summery day in here sometime early next week, maybe two IF we are really lucky.

I TMll be keeping a sharp eye on this trend for you. Be sure to check our CNY Central TV stations for the latest as well as online right here at and our Facebook site. And don TMt forget my personal Facebook site.