Where is the spring weather?

Snowfall on April 2

Snow in central New York in April - we may not like it, but the fact is, it's normal.

Climate averages tell us that Syracuse averages 3.8 inches of snow in the month of April. The record snowfall for April was back in 1983 when a whopping 16.4 inches of snow fell.

I dare say many, or even most, of us are ready for some real Spring-type weather. That being said, lets try and find some positives in both climate averages and what our current thinking is in our forecast for the rest of this week.

Climate averages for Syracuse:

-Average daily temperatures are getting warmer, and the days are getting longer!

-By the end of this month, our average daytime high temperature will go from 50 degrees (currently) to 62 degrees.

-Even our overnight low temperatures will increase from an average nighttime low right now of 30 degrees rising to 40 degrees at months end.

-Over the next 30 days, we will gain 1 hour and 20 minutes of daylight! This will go a long way in helping to melt any remaining snow or snow banks.

What do we see in our forecast?

I still believe (as I talked about several times on air last week), that what we are currently going through is "likely" but not definate, Mother Nature's last big Winter Hoorah!

All indications are the pattern will turn more early Springlike the last half of this week, starting this Thursday, featuring moderating temperatures back closer to normal for this time of year.

It appears to me our overall, average temperature pattern will indeed be closer to normal over the next few weeks, but we still cannot be surprised to see quick shots of cooler weather come in once in awhile, or for that matter a day or two of warmer than normal weather once in awhile. I do not see a flat out, but, long lasting warm up at this time.

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