While 2-year-old fights cancer, parents build bucket list of experiences

2-year-old Paul Morley rides the family tractor with his dad, Nicholas Morley.

In so many ways Paul Morley is like every two year old boy. He loves cars, playing with his favorite toys and exploring, but Paul has had to experience much of his young life from a hospital room. Last fall he was diagnosed with acute t-cell leukemia, and since then he has been treated at Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse. Recently, Paul had a relapse. His cancer is aggressive, and resistant to chemotherapy.

Paulâ??s mother, Angela Schuyler, talked about her sonâ??s struggles.

"You are told your chances for survival are not what they used to be. Your chances of not surviving far outweigh the chances of survival."

Devastating news for his parents, but at two-years-old Paul can't understand concepts of cancer and death.

"Adults live in the future. We live for tomorrow and next week and next year, where kids live day by day,â?? said Angela Schuyler. â??That's what we do now. We make the most of today and the most of tomorrow."

Paulâ??s parents started making a list of experiences they wanted him to have. Angela Schuyler talked about the items on Paulâ??s bucket list.

"They were little things, like have a lemonade stand, ride a school bus or go to school for a day. Just little things he enjoys. He sees a school bus and gets happy."

Volunteers quickly started signing up, and from his hospital room Paul even took a trip to Hawaii, the Sahara Desert and Australia.

"Traveling through pictures and videos, he loves Youtube."

This morning, Paul was cleared to go back home. Tired and still recovering from treatments as he waited to be discharged this morning , there was one thing he wanted for than anything: To ride on his family's tractor with his dad.

"He doesn't know. He doesn't know that this is different from anything else he has now. He was only 2,â?? said Angela Schuyler.

"Every day we have him, we are definitely blessed,â?? said Paulâ??s father, Nicholas Morley.

His parents are hoping he goes back into remission, and a matching bone marrow donor can be found this summer. The future is uncertain, but his parents say that each and every day with him is wonderful on its own.

"Is his leukemia aggressive? Extremely, but tomorrow is a new day and is one more chance to have something that is going to help him survive," said Angela Schuyler.

The family is planning on going to New York City for transplant care in July. They hope to have accomplished most of the bucket list items before that treatment begins.

You can visit Paul Morleyâ??s Facebook here to get a look at his bucket list and get updates on his condition.

There will be a benefit for Paul Morley on June 22nd at JP's Bar and Grill in Hastings. All the proceeds will go towards paying for expenses related to Paul's medical care, travel and hospital stays.