Why LeBron's decision is a victory for Syracuse

Every sports fan in Syracuse should applaud, and be happy that LeBron James is going home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And no, it's not just because former Syracuse University star Dion Waiters is now a teammate of King James.

It's because LeBron James shows us today that the bond with home is stronger than the allure of a destination city.

This decision by James is a victory for rust belt cities everywhere. In essence, it's a victory for Syracuse, too.

It's inevitable, living in the Salt City, that you know someone, a friend, family member or acquaintance that has left Syracuse for a warmer climate or a city that's perceived as a "better" place.

Yet, here is arguably the biggest name in American sports telling us all that home is where the heart is, not beautiful South Beach.

James, as he admits, has grown as a man and realizes that his legacy is far greater if he delivers a title to his championship deprived town. (It's been 50 years since SU alum Jim Brown delivered the Browns to an NFL title.)

As a lifelong resident of a rust belt town, I feel elated today, despite having no real connection with Cleveland or no real rooting history for LeBron.

That second statement is about to change.

So Syracuse, enjoy the upcoming NBA season. Hold special appreciation for someone like Jim Boeheim who never left Central New York, and did deliver a title.

Most importantly, the next time someone tells you that you're "nuts" for enduring another 150 inches of snow in the winter, ask them, is LeBron James crazy?

Silence will follow.