Widower of Jenna Hinman arrested for check fraud

The Army Sgt. who bravely kept Central New York updated on his wife's battle with deadly pregnancy cancer has been arrested in Cayuga County. Sgt. Brandon Hinman was charged by the Cayuga County Sheriff's Department with signing his name on a check that did not belong to him and cashing it at a bank in Weedsport. Investigators arrested Hinman yesterday on a felony charge of criminal posession of a forged instrument. He was jailed and posted $2,500 bail.

Investigators say they were acting on a tip, and that led to the arrest. "This is still very much an open investigation, we are not yet sure where it is going to lead us," Cayuga County Detective Sergeant Frederick Cornelius said. "The investigation is not closed," he said.

Hinman's wife Jenna was the focus of much attention, and many prayers after she delivered twins prematurely in March. Doctors diagnosed Choriocarcinoma, which she battled for many weeks until her death in May.

Investigators looking into the allegations of check fraud are aware of the many donations given to the Hinman family after Jenna's diagnosis and death. "I'm not comfortable talking about the specifics of which account or accounts we are talking about here, we may learn more about that in the future," Sgt. Cornelius said. "It was a check that his name was not on the account. He was not authorized to sign a check on that account," Cornelius added.

We reached out to the family of Jenna Hinman. Reached by phone, Jenna's mother Kim Blaisdell said she is aware of the arrest. Brandon Hinman has not had any recent contact with Jenna's family - or his twin girls.