Wife in alleged murder-for-hire plot accused of stealing from husband

Samantha Rosemellia / photo: Fulton Police

The wife of a Fulton man charged with plotting to kill her is facing charges of her own.

Fulton police confirm to CNY Central Catherine Hicks was arrested last Friday for allegedly breaking into her husband's home.

Court depositions by Samantha Rosemellia, Catherine Hicks' daughter, stated that her mother wanted to go to the home because "she found out that my step-father, Quentin Hicks, wanted to hire someone to kill her. My mother was scared, and she knew that Quentin had some guns that were not registered and may be in that house."

The affidavit describes how Rosemellia, Catherine Hicks, and Jonathon Schnurr broke into the home at 519 Rochester Street. The statement says, "Me, John and my mother were in the house for about 20 minutes, until Quentin's girlfriend Lisa (I don't know her last name) showed up. When Lisa got there, she began yelling at us to get out of the house, and we did not leave so she called police...our only intentions to go into the house were to find any guns and get them out of the house for my mother's safety."

The statement concludes "I know Quentin was living there in the house, but when I forced my way into the house, I did not think I was breaking the law because the house is in my mother and Quentin's names."

However, the affidavit by Lisa Shepper, who called police, quotes Catherine Hicks as saying "everything in the house belonged to her, and she wasn't leaving." Shepper describes an attempt to also steal a DVD player, television, air compressor, vacuum cleaner, and other items. "None of the property that had been removed from my house, or was boxed up to be removed, belonged to her. All the property belonged to me and Quentin, who shared the residence."

Catherine Hicks, Rosemellia, and Schnurr are charged with grand larceny, burglary, criminal mischief and possession of burglar tools.

According to court records, Hicks and Rosemellia were jailed on $10,000 cash bail or $120,000 bond. Both have since been released. Schnurr was released on his own recognizance. All three are expected to appear in court tomorrow morning.

The day before this happened, 42-year-old Quentin Hicks was arrested and accused of trying to hire another man to kill his estranged wife.

Investigators say the two were having marital problems and were separated.

Court documents show the alleged co-conspirator worked with investigators and secretly recorded a conversation with Hicks. In that conversation, Hicks allegedly offered $1000 to kill his wife. Hicks is quoted as telling the man he wanted him to cut his wife's jugular and stay there until she stopped bleeding.

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